Founded in 2012, Danny Grace PLLC has grown to be a leading voice in both the employment litigation and immigration spheres of New York and beyond.

Initially beginning as an immigration-only firm, owing to Principal Attorney Danny Grace’s own experience immigrating to the USA, DGPC specialized in family and corporate immigration. Specifically, in the early days DGPC found success in petitioning for H-1B visas, and spouse based Green Cards. From there the practice grew, gaining talented attorneys who could expand the practice into Employment-Based Green Cards, O-1 and L-1 visas, and short-term visas such as B1/B2s.

Almost by accident, Danny Grace entered the employment litigation sphere defending a small business against a claim of discrimination. He successfully litigated this case to conclusion by winning summary judgment in the Eastern District of New York, defeating the case – no easy feat in employment cases that are fact-heavy. His success here led to a growing number of clients recognizing the talent that DGPC had to offer, and hence an employment litigation practice blossomed. Years later, DGPC is a seasoned employment litigation firm specializing in protecting employee’s rights when they suffer adversely in the workplace.

And what would be a boutique firm be without the personal add-on services that DGPC offers its clients? We have an ethos that we can either handle your matter, or we know who to talk to about it. Look no further if it is a contract, criminal, estate planning or hospitality setup matter; or ask us where to find your ideal counsel for any issue you have.

We look forward to working with you. It will be our pleasure.

Our Attorneys

Yuting Li, Attorney

Yuting always tries her best to meet the clients’ needs and an effective advocate both inside and outside the courtroom.

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Danny Grace, Attorney

As Principal and Founder of the law firm Danny Grace PLLC, Mr. Grace provides representation to clients throughout the region in a variety of areas.

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Douglas Mace, Attorney

Douglas Mace is the Managing Attorney at Danny Grace PLLC. As Managing Attorney, Douglas assists in overseeing the operations of the law office and represents clients in various employment and civil matters.

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