Contract Law

Contracts are the building block of business. Are yours sturdy enough to withstand business disputes? The contract law attorneys at Danny Grace PLLC are experts at drafting, evaluating, and negotiating your contracts, ensuring your business is protected in the event something goes awry.

The most common disputes in business are the result of a breach of contract. If you’ve encountered a situation in which a business or an individual neglects their contractual obligations to you or your business, you need a qualified business lawyer to help you navigate through your contractual dispute.

Our contract law attorneys are experienced many areas of contract law, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business acquisitions and initial company setup
  • Business sales
  • Purchase and sale of goods and services
  • Brokerage agreements

A breach of contract can result in severe loss of income, but the experienced attorneys at Danny Grace PLLC are committed to seeing your case through the legal system, resulting in compensatory, liquidated, nominal, or punitive damages where necessary.

Don’t let a broken contract run your company out of business. Trust the attorneys at Danny Grace PLLC to build a strong foundation for your business agreements and rest easy knowing you’re covered in case your business finds itself in the midst of a dispute.